Hudson Float Vavle?

So we are new to the pressure and soft washing industry. Our setup thus far consists of an 8gpm Honda 690, 330 Gal tank, which we have been using for rinsing after using the fatboy 12volt pump to apply SH. We have been staying busy and I would like to setup the downstream injector with a ball-valve bypass so that we can rinse the job with the same line. After spending some time looking through blogs I came across the “Hudson Float Valve”. Can someone please explain what this is and if I shoud invest in one? We also have the Surface Cleaner Classic but we have not had the opportunity to use it yet. Any advice on the subject of the Float Valve would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks Fam!!

The Hudson float valve is for you large water tank. It shuts the incoming water off when your buffer tank is full. Kind of like the ballcock in your toilet tank.


We actually use a toilet ballcock for our shutoff. Works great!


So stopping the recycling of the water through the machine wont harm it?

I only have the shutoff on the buffer tank feed hose. The bypass line also goes back to the tank but I don’t have a shut off on it. I haven’t had any problems thus far

It has nothing to do with that. It just shuts off the water supply, so your tank doesn’t overflow.


You know you can soiap and rinse with the pressure washer. That is how 99% of us do it. The injector bypass only gets you about a half gallon increase and makes the injector draw less. It’s just a vendor gadget.


So can you send a picture or explain how to do this in newbie terms. I was looking into installing the injector bypass to make it a lot faster and easier to rinse after applying the chemical. Is there an easier way? Thanks

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but you either need to read more, watch more youtube videos, or shadow someone for a few days. It sounds like you’ve picked up a few buzzwords without knowing what they mean. Reiterating what’s already been written probably won’t help much.

A few terms to plug into the search field above:

Ds injector
Soft washing with pressure washer
Float tank plumbing

But if you’re a visual learner, you may do better with youtube or in-person guidance. Just take everything with a grain of salt, and make sure you understand the reasons behind something before adopting a new product or process.


There’s a way easier way to wash houses, but as far as the Hudson valve here ya go. We carry two lengths of threaded pvc for stopping it at 100 gallons and one for stopping it at 2 hundred.

Keep 2 float valves. One as a backup.


Yea I’m definitely a rookie. We have had a lot of success washing houses, roofs, and decks. But I know that we could be a lot more effiecient with the chemicals, we have all the parts to hook it up but want to have the best understanding before we do! thanks for your advice!!

Thankyou for the insight!!

You never stop the flow through your bypass line. Bypass water does not contribute to filling the tank because the water is first being pulled FROM the tank. The Hudson valve only shuts off the incoming water from your source.

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