Hudson Float Valve


Chris, I stole your idea (kind of) and just installed my float valve in the lid of my tank. Not exactly like yours, but I did take the idea from you. Hoping it will allow me to get more water in my tank though. So thanks for sharing the idea!


Looks good!

More plumbing than you need under the lid. I would pull this apart and reassemble so that the pvc fitting is above the lid and the valve directly below.

awesome… about to do that with my 35 gallon tank!


There is a piece on the lid that doesn’t show up in the picture that I would have to cut off in order to do that and I didn’t want to cut it unless I had to. I’m going to try this first, but if need be I will go back and cut it. I had to slide a piece of 1” pvc through the piece on the lid and connect it the way I did to make it work without cutting it. If I can get enough water like this I will leave it, but if I need a little extra I can always go back and reconfigure it. Just trying to minimize the holes I had to cut in the tank and lid.

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Now to just finish plumbing everything to this, and get back to work! I’m excited to try this thing out and see what kind of difference this 5.5 will make.