HP hose splitter?

I’ll probably have to do the patio home community again this year, so got to thinking.

Running one machine, I would be running the surface cleaner then go back and rinse the walkways. Is it possible/feasible to run a splitter and alternate with a helper rinsing while I’m moving to the next house?

Sure would go a lot quicker.

Not really. Only one of you could be spraying at a time to get the full flow. The easiest way is to buy another machine :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s the plan, just alternate between rinsing and SC, working our way through the community.

We got a 5.5 just for that stuff, comes in handy. Along with the 8 gpm…

Not familiar with a hose splitter but you could rig one up with a T and some quick connects. Never tried this Ive always used 2 pumps but you could leave the trailing hose to rinse while your moving the truck and getting the surface cleaner set up at the next properties. Your guy needs to be rinsing fast cause someone said this already that ur splitting your flow in half which leaves ur surface cleaner ineffective. However if they are rinsing fast you may not have to wait or only wait a little bit till their done. So you can still save significant time.

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