How's everyone been?

I’ve been super busy and haven’t had a spare moment to myself in quite a while, I hope everyone has been at least half as busy as I have this last year…
I’ve been trying to keep up with everyone on here but haven’t had a spare second to post up…it feels like its been years. I see @SchertzServicesLLC is killing it with his boxes…I still need one but I’m gonna need the cat sticker lol. I’ve ran across @Racer 's videos here and there and I’m hoping @Grizz isn’t giving you too hard a time, not sure if you guys are washing together still…
@Innocentbystander still makes me laugh with his comments to the newbies that want instant answers…I saw some cheerwine the other day and it made me think of you lol.
I’ve got a lot of catching up to do so ill apologize in advance for liking and commenting on the probably 400 topics that I’m behind on :rofl:
Now that I’m hopefully slowing down a bit I look forward to talking to this crazy group that I’ve missed so much.
Ps. I’ve got a shitton of pics of some new/ remodeled builds and fun stuff ill try to squeeze in.
Never thought I’d be this anxious for fall…
Missed yall, Luna


It’s been an exciting year of growth. Maybe washed 12 houses all year :joy:


That’s because you’ve been adopted by the Walton family, lol.


They take good care of ol Orville lol