How's Business?

I’m relatively new to the wash business, starting my 3rd year full time. I am truly appreciative of the insight and candor of all who have questions and post answers and opinions. That said how is business? I ask because I’m still on the upswing of a new company in a growing business segment, I have no employees, about $20k invested in equipment etc. Business is good, numbers up from last year no major problems and so far looks to be a good year. Just wondering how others are doing, especially you guys with tens of thousands invested in equipment and crews you are trying to keep busy. I assume many of us are LLC’s, our businesses are way different then most of our friends so don’t have many neighbors to lean over the fence and ask how they see their business future. Just wondering.

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Hmm, your profile picture does remind me of the neighbor named Wilson from Home Improvement… Only now you’ve said this…

Hahaha, it’s our first year adding PW to WC, so it’s been very slow so far this year. We did get to do some free jobs to practice on to stay busy though. I’m sure things will pick up later this month though as the weather warms up. Friday night it’ll be below freezing once again. Mild winter = long, drawn-out winter.


You must be mistaken, I’ve been told I have a face for radio.