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I’m Robbie Miller from Houston Tx. I am in the process of starting a pressure washing business here. Just today I got my LLC for my company name; it’s Quality Pressure Washing of Houston. I am starting to set up a trailer with a hot water washer, tank, surface cleaner and all the hoses, reels and other stuff. I plan on starting with residential and expanding into commercial and industrial later. I’ve just started writing copy for a web site and am looking at different methods of advertising. I hope to be up and running in 5 or 6 weeks. Any tips would sure be appreciated.

Hatch or Anya Curry for your website…both cost more than free, both pay for themselves over and over. Don’t go cheap on your website! That’s my $0.02

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bonefish welcome to the forum. Pick yourself up a copy of the pressure washers guide book and
read every post on this forum on residential, as you stated this is what you are starting out doing.
Good reading and good luck Robbie.

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I find that Google Adwords has been my best advertising money spent.

Any tips? I’ve been thinking about looking into adwords.

@bonefish Hey Rob, how is the business in houston going?

Wow! You are responding to a thread I started in 2015. Everything is good. We are almost totally commercial now. I think we have only done 6 houses year to date.



Do you remember how your first year went? Im pretty much following in your footsteps except I am in Conroe and I am sticking with residential for a few years. I went out to wash one house and got 2 more jobs while working! But so far those are the only 3 I have gotten. Bout to hand out 5k flyers.

I started the business with my son and he already had some accounts and we just started doing pressure washing for them. I never did flyers but I did do mailers and yard signs and neither one of them did much good. My best leads come from AdWords and a good web site. Until I got established I was spending about $2000 per month on AdWords. If you decide to go that way I’ve got a great web guy that knows the pressure washing business. Conroe would probably be a lot cheaper than Houston.

Absolutely, I will give him a call when I get enough money to start running ads. Could you give me his name and a number or email?

His name is Waqid (pronounced wa-kit).His company is Clicked Solutions his cell phone number is 713-480-3897. If you leave a message tell him that Robbie Miller suggested that you call. He’s located in Houston. I would call him and just get some information about Conroe and see what he says.

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