How would you remove these?

First post in the PWR! WOO! We are doing the windows for this 15 000 building but the owner would also like a quote for cleaning the siding as well. These sort of look like tiger stripes on gutters.

Looks organic to me so SH should take care of it.

Is the building concrete?

Good questions - I’m not really sure how to explain it but it’s like a weird aluminum siding. One of those ‘modern’ looking offices

That might be that stuff that has to be cleaned with pure water. Definitely find out before proceeding. It’s called Alucobond. It’s a type of aluminum composite. I’d find out what it is and call the manufacturer to find out exactly how to clean it. Maybe the building manager knows what it is. I wouldn’t go by there advice on how to clean it though.

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It’s probably Alucobond. Will require some special processes to do it right.

I found this…doesent sound like any fun

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Call the manufacturer before proceeding. They may have specific cleaning methods that if you don’t do could cause warranty issues or issues in general.

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Yeah definitely going to look into this some more.

Thank you for identifying what kind of siding this is. I watched a few youtube videos and it seems easy to clean but with the right chemical (which conveniently no one says what they used). I’ll look into the manufaturers recommendation and I guess go with that they say…

I do love that it says it should be cleaned regularly. The owner of the building is old so I’m pretty sure he wont want to but its worth pointint it out to him and see if there’s a chance to make him a regular :wink: