How would you access these areas?

I’m putting a bid in on a pretty good size 4 story hotel today. The only problem is that it is a very non-typical shape with limited access. I have a 45’ boom and there are 3 areas that i want to see how you would do it.

  1. West side of the building. There is no way to safely get a lift on that side, no access to park the lift and use its side reach to get there.

  2. Courtyard. There is a basketball court that is a concrete pad right in the middle of the courtyard. I was thinking i will ask them to move the net and the rubber tiles from the pad. If they do that then I will be able to access a lot.

  3. For the area in between the main hotel and the short restaurant/ front desk area i will get a small scissor lift.

I’m just looking to see how you guys would think about doing it. It always best to have another set of eyes on it. More guys, More eyes.

Is there roof tie offs why wouldn’t you just go off the roof. Then you dont need to worry about access or space

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I’m with Anthony. Most commercial buildings have roof anchoring systems. Tie off to those and pray that you paid attention in Boy Scouts when you were taught how to tie a knot.

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left over right, right over left, yeah? My wife was over my shoulder and she says she doesn’t like that idea lol. I’m not scared of heights, I was a boom truck mechanic for a long time and working on 150’ trucks, but the idea of belaying down a building with minimal experience with ropes doesnt sit well with me.

You gotta do it to gain experience go to the local firehouse hire some firemen they will set you up. Dont get ow where you are but you probably want to go to the tech rescue house.

I have two neighbors that are firemen, I’ll ask them. IF that were to not work out, any other suggestions?

Be careful not all firemen are tech rescue guys.


How are you getting around the runoff situation??

Have you ever done a property that size?

You may be able to get a scissor lift. Can you find a off road lift

Hoverboard maybe?

Rappelling down is actually very safe. You can get a butt board rig so that you’re sitting upright and supported. Besides, people have survived much further drops than that…

Last year we did two 3 story holiday inns, and a handful of office buildings but they were a lot like other hotels where they’re pretty much just a rectangle. This one has a few obstacles.

Yeah the butt board would be helpful. I will look into learning the ropes… you see what i did there?


unfortunately that side of the building is fenced off so i can’t get anything back there

There’s so much that can go wrong with ‘ropework’, I wouldn’t recommend it to a layperson. Did a bit back in the 90’s, swore I’d never do it again,

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I did what you see there. You smelling what I’m stepping in?

If you’ve got some time to prepare before actually doing this job (I really hope you do) then you should definitely look into taking some training classes.

I really hope you find a better way than rappelling down altogether.

Well I hate to say it but nothing wrong with a ladders. Probably need to switch out the trap unloader

Subbing this out and taking a commission or referral fee would be an option. You can have a company that specializes in large facilities do the work while you are on-site and oversee/observe and learn.

Also are you in the insurance business?


No way me just spray water, collect check. My wife is an actuary.

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Yes, exactly. You don’t want to be self-taught by the trial -and-error method.