How to wire backup camera to enclosed trailer

I have a wireless backup camera that I want to wire to the rear tail/break lights of my enclosed trailer. Problem is I don’t know what wire would be constant hot wire (positive).

The top tail light is not a break light and the wires are white to white and red to brown, pictured here.

The passenger side running/brake light wires are green, white and brown. I know white should be ground. Is brown constantly hot or just when I turn my headlights on. That’s when the running lights are on.

I have a 7 pin and electric brakes for my trailer. Is the only constant hot wire the 12v auxiliary wire? The running lights will only be hot if the lights. Same with brake lights if I am understanding this correctly.

That’s kind of cheating putting a backup camera on your trailer. What’s the challenge backing up with that. Real men don’t need no stinking cameras, LOL. Good luck with it, Let us know what you figure out.

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correct. If you want constant you’d use the red wire. Or better yet, ground the camera and supply the camera with the 12 volts from the purple wire from the diagram.

So whenever you put the truck in reverse the camera would turn on. Most cameras you can set for it to automatically turn on with a trigger wire. That purple would be your trigger for the camera to turn on

I don’t have reverse lights on the trailer so there is no purple wire in the back by the lights. I am trying to avoid running wire from the front of the trailer to the back if I can. I think my only choice is brown or green wire. Brown should be constant power to running lights but they only come on when my truck headlights are on. So I guess the headlights would have to be on for the camera to work. I want the camera on all the time while driving.

Then yeah you can use brown as long as your running lights were on

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Get you a $7 test light and find out

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