How to wash off black smudges and road grime off fiberglass camper?

Friend of mine asked if I knew what to use on his camper sides to remove black smudges and road grime. First thought was SH but it’s a fiberglass sides, I am not sure, they might be gel coated. Plus it has stickers on it. What do you experts recommend to do the job safely?


Just saw a guy use 3%, dwell 5 minutes, and rinse on Facebook. For black streaks a degreaser was recommended. *note this is 3rd party information from Facebook so take it for what it’s worth but the pictures turned out great.

That’ll clean up nicely with SH.

As smooth as fiberglass is, I’d bet just straight pressure washing would give the same results

Why would you use pressure when chemicals will do the work for you?

Because for something like that, it would be fast. Plus I wouldn’t want SH on all the rubber seals. It’s smooth painted fiberglass, that algae will rinse right off.

Pressure washing and rinsing are 2 different things. A house wash mix rinsed properly won’t damage any seals, were talking 5-10 minutes of dwell time here if that.

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Fiber glass cannot take much pressure either. Risk of damaging it is real. I was just train wreck curious at his reasoning.

Use SH on mine all the time, with a back up clean with car wash soap.


That moustache, boy oh boy that’s a stout setup :ok_hand::ok_hand: