How to start soft washing?

I understand the concept of soft washing and what not. But I’ve searched and searched and I can’t find what it is that I need to start soft washing. I’ve heard that running bleach through the pressure washer can damage it. So then what do I need to be able to funnel the bleach mixture into the water stream?

And are there any other attachments I need to start soft washing?

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I think you may not understand the concept concept of softwashing and what not



Take a look at your numbers here. You need to invest a lot more time.

I am still green as can be in all this, but if you try real hard and do some reading you will get a much better understanding.


I understand what not. It’s almost like a thingamajig


Never underestimate the power of a whatchamacallit

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They’re great as long as they’re adjusted correctly

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Or a whosit!


Dude. Just read for more than 10 minutes and the truth shall set you free… lol.


I prefer to gentle wash. Its honestly way better and people are starting to request it. Soft washing is to risky.


It’s not that complicated. You want to inject the bleach into the water stream AFTER the pump. You don’t want bleach going through your machine. When the fast moving water goes over the orifice in your chemical draw assembly, it has low pressure (which sucks up the bleach). Same principle as an airplane wing or a carburetor. That’s the easy part. Just make sure you have a good respirator and stuff. You don’t want to be breathing bleach! Then it just takes a lot of practice to dial in your surfactants, emulsifiers, foaming agents, etc. Everybody has his own secret recipe. If you search on here, you’ll see a lot of threads about oxidation on vinyl and aluminum. That can really spoil your day, so do a bunch of practice on brick and concrete to get a feel for it.


Man if I realized everyone’s account showed how much they read, spend time on here, etc I would have created one right away when I started browsing here a few weeks ago. All those lost internet points lol


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This guy gets it!!!


Yeppers. I’ve lurked for 1 1/2yrs. Didn’t want to chime in until I knew what I was saying.
I’ve read about every thread here. Learned 80% of what I know here. Tons of info! I’ve almost completely built my business from what I learned from this one site! I owe you guys forever!


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