How to smooth the finish of new Curb and Gutter

We have recently replaced the curb and gutter for the house as a part of the remodel and the inspector has flagged a section of the sidewalk as having poor finish. He wants us to attempt to improve the finish or he will have us replace a small portion of the curb and gutter.

He clearly told us that we can not patch this portion with new concrete, but we can try to smear over “Creamy part of cement” on it to give it a smoother finish. He would not tell us more about how this problem can be fixed. I am attaching a photo below to give an idea of what we are talking about.

Any help in this matter would be appreciated. What product/material should I get to fix this issue.


I would use a grinder and grinding rock made for masonry.

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Get the person who done the job to come back and fix it. They could try skimming it with a coat but it would probably look bad. Probably easier to just get the contractor to cut out both sections to the closest expansion joints and replace it on their dime

That’s not even bad just needs a cleanup, I’ve seen worse on million dollar homes. A diamond cup grinding wheel is what your after, take your time with it, you can’t put back what you take out, should come up :ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Or as my boy jwils said, get on the blower and let the inner Karen out of you.

It all depends on his inspector :joy: I wouldn’t wear the cost if I didn’t have to

That seems like an absurd reason to fail an inspection to me

Tell the inspector to cite the code, then you can read about fixing it to code standards.

Oh yeah, this is a powerwashing forum, not a concrete forum.


Like marinegrunt suggested, take an angle grinder with a masonry blade and smooth down the areas where it looks like some concrete dropped on the finished slab. Then take the grinder and grind out that expansion joint of all dust and debris. Take a leaf blower and blow out all dust. Fill with some backer rod and caulk it with a non sag limestone or grey colored caulk. Can use either silicone or urethane. To get a baby butt smooth caulk joint, after you caulk it, tool it with either a spoon or something with a nice round edge, then use a 25/75 mix of dawn dish soap/water, dip your finger into soap water and glide along caulk joint. It will be glass smooth.

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