How to run bypass

Given the pressure washer that I have, how do I run a bypass line to the ground or a buffer tank?

Thanks in advance. Please use the blue numbers in your response.

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1 to tank. Put a plug in 2


I did that and water ran freely through the line at (1), but the pressure washer literally did not work at all. Water never stopped running from line (1) even when the washer was running and trigger depressed. Pressing the trigger did nothing. No water came out of the pressure hose.

You have to screw the unloader in until bypass is just a trickle when on the trigger and using one of your colored tips.

Release the trigger and full flow comes out of #1 (bypass).

He means turn the knob on the unloader while holding the trigger with the proper high pressure nozzle until you see just a trickle coming out of your bypass hose. When you let off the trigger after you do so, full flow will come out of your bypass allowing your pump to keep cool while you’re off the trigger. Set the bypass hose back to your buffer tank not the ground.

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Yeah that.:laughing:

New member here with a similar question:

I have a 3000psi/4gpm belt drive pressure washer. I would like to rig this so I can run it from a standard water hose or run it from my 275 gallon tote. Can I install the bypass hose in #3 with a shutoff valve? When using the tote I would open the valve and it would bypass back to the TOTE. When using the standard hose I would close the valve and the bypass would go through the original line back to the inlet (#1 to #2).

Will this work? Do I need a shutoff valve at #1 also to stop water from going back to the inlet when using the tote?

Thanks for any help


Ok wait, what tank?

Sorry, I edited my post to make that clearer.

Oh gotcha.

Skip using the direct water hose from the house, plumb it into a hudson valve at the top of the tote, then run a 3/4" hose from the bottom to your machine.

Run the bypass using a small hose back to the tote.

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Why do you want to be able to use the garden hose?

If it were me, I’d install camlocks in the bypass loop, and use a dust plug/cap to block off the inlet side hose when you’re pulling from the tote.

I am a homeowner just pressure washing stuff around the house. I only want to use the tote when I’m cleaning my long concrete driveway.

How long of a driveway?