How to Protect plants and grass from SH Soft Wash chemicals

Hello Guys,I run a small pressure washing business
Cleaning roofs with chemicals in South Florida. I wanted to know what is your procedure, when it comes to protecting customers grass and plants when cleaning the roof with Sh chemicals.Do you use tarps? Rinse grass down, do you rinse roof down or don’t and what is your mixture percentage, etc.
I put tarps down on one customers grass around the house with no gutters as I cleaned the roof and came back several days later to my horror the grass was ruin and burned up by the chemicals. I believe the run off caused it. I used full strength 100% SH.
When I left that day I remove the tarps with chemical liquid very carefully . There was no visual damage at the time so I thought I was fine. But couple of days later the grass was damaged. What is the best way to protect customer grass and plants?

In high heat tarps will burn grass badly as well.
I use tyvek because it’s breathable and won’t burn plants grass during super hot days.

I pre wet, use tyvek against overspray, and rinse after. You can also bag gutters to catch run off or use gypsum pellets to neutralize.

You can also use this. Plant Wash

There’s a lot of discussion in the forum about cleaning roofs. I would never use full strength SH on a roof. 6% max and that would be…a crazy bad roof.


Do tell


I’m not a fan of soft wash systems in general. For all roofs we bag gutters, tarp sensitive plants or anything along drip line always have a ground guy actively rinsing and apply agent clean neutralizer after each cleaning.

Haven’t had any issues recently but we ALWAYS warn that even with proper steps plants may be occasionally effected and while we do everything we can, we’re not perfect but will replace anything that does not bounce back

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Yeah you do the best you can, take care, and mist vs coat.

Our forum chemist also recommended using water mixed with Sodium Thiosulfate as a post treatment rinse on plants to neutralize the SH. Sodium Thiosulfate is used in ponds as a dechlorinator. Safe for plants and fish

Here’s a Link


Yeah I agree with @Innocentbystander, let’s first talk about throwing straight 12% on the roof.

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Bag the gutters, and have a guy on the ground soaking everything around the house before, during and after with water.

And if your doing it alone, you shouldn’t be cleaning roofs.

Also using straight SH is not only jeopardizing your own safety and health, your jeopardizing other people’s and their property too.

Take a step back before taking anymore forward.


I’m going to say false on that one. It’s possible just more work and more multitasking. More safety precautions

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The ol’ sprinkler has been my ground guy for a couple of jobs

So your good with laddering up to a two or three story house or building by yourself, nobody footing the ladder, and walking the roof alone?

Not smart. And If I was the customer, I wouldn’t allow it.

And I highly doubt your insurance company would be ok with it either.

Thanks, do you rinse the roof or no ? Also What is your percentage mix Sh to water

Hello Thanks, Ok what percentage mix you use? Do you rinse the roof afterwards or no.

No I never rinse, rinsing is a good way to kill plants and grass. It depends on the level of growth on the roof. Usually 3%. Once I went to 4.5% but the roof was black when it should have been light brown.

I suggest you spend some time on here researching, once you get the basics down your questions will mostly answer themselves and you’ll be able to ask better questions with your new knowledge.


Ok Thanks

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Only if you under rinse… I used to not rinse but do now most of the time. You get a light rain a few hours after you apply your mix and it’s bad news for the surrounding landscaping. I’d rather rinse well and not have to worry about it.


Yeah weather matters. 3-4 hours it will be inert. Sooner and you’re gonna have a bad time haha.

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@DJPWS and a heck of a lot cheaper than all the other stuff repackaged out there.

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