How To Look Totally Stupid On Youtube

Don’t Laugh Too Hard…Please!

No worries Guy. The link doesn’t work.

It took me to my youtube channel…

Trying to say something Guy?!


Try it again…please.

Nice video Guy. Very professional and informative for customers. If I had anything negative to say, it might be a little long for people to sit and watch, but other than that looks great.

you got shorter and put on about 100lbs, LOL

I liked the concept and will be doing something like that later this year if I can find a waterproof camera on the cheap. Is this live now or just out to us?

Looks good. Very dramatic before and after. It should really impress customers. Only comment from a consumer stand point is it’s a bit longer than I usually would like to see as a commercial or advertising video. Overall very nice.

Awesome vid Guy!

am I the only one that sees it in a stretched out format?

Great video

Great Video Guy… I’m actually editing a video like this so I can show HomeOwners the same thing… Great Minds think alike

looks good I would suggest two videos the longer one for your website and then a 45-80 second one,optimize it add a little music, tighten it up and it would rank real real fast on the serps. Most people click out after a minute

No it’s a problem that youtube is having, it was squashed in TV format 3 days ago, they still don’t have it fixed.

I totally agree…This was an off the chuff video, I keep the camera in the truck and have been taking stock videos, when I saw the back side of this house I just couldn’t help myself…Can you tell it was unscripted?? Hahaha!!!

Please don’t count the times I say Ahhhh & UUmmmmm. :slight_smile:

What type of nozzle is he using

Low psi adjustable fan down stream nozzle based on a X-Jet M-5 head.

Looks good Guy.
One of the better and more informed Video’s I seen on house washing on the net. Your speaking was fine but more importantly your results were excellent and results talk. :cool:

Great job Guy!

Can u stop chemical flow with that nozzle? Great video.

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Thanks Michael!