How to keep water out of businesses

I am recently bid a large municipal district to clean side walks and gum removal. Part of the contract states water can not go in to business any ideas on good way to prevent water entry?

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There’s a few different ways. You could use duct tape to tape the bottom of the door to the threshold. This would prevent water from going under the door. You could also make some sand or water berms by taking several feet of blue discharge hose and filling it with either sand or water. Placing the berms in front of the door should prevent water from going through.

To be really safe you could do both.

In addition to those listed above you could also use these if you have a way to recover the waste water with a vac system.

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I do both when working on strip malls… Hint use gorilla tape, black stuff and it doesn’t leave as much residue on the door…

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Ya this is a great thread. I really like the idea of the discharge hose.Im going to be making some after I get back from NOLA.

+1 on the discharge hose. Looks very useful!

We have used the discharge hose for a few years now, filled with sand…zip tie the ends…useful when we do apartment and condo breezeways