How to keep high pressure hose from unraveling

How do you guys keep the high pressure hose on the reel from unraveling when the machine is in use? I’ve seen some sloppy ways of doing it. The reel pin breaks on the first use - I recognize it’s only for transport.

I unreel all the hose

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Unreel only what you need, lock the pin in place, wash. If your pin breaks, replace it or the reel. It is not practical to pull off 250ft of hose if you only need 10 ft. What reel are you using?


Some reels have a drag adjustment titan hannay summit realcraft. I can’t think of any that don’t actually.

When you unravel what you need lock the pin in place and make sure the hose that’s on the reel is tight. If it’s not tight when you let off of the gun it will jerk.

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Hosetract M 10-5

It’s possible I didn’t have the pin pushed all the way in, but it snapped off literally on the first night out.

GP hose reel will do that.

Hannah or Titan will not.


I use Cox reels and there’s a black plastic brake you have to adjust the drag on. I lock mine with with the pin everyday multiple times a day.

Like a fishing rod. Drag is helpful.