How to install bulkhead

I found a video about installing a bulkhead on a 275 tote where the guy used a pole to get the insde part of the bulkhead in place. Does anyone have any better suggestions?

You just need to thread it?
Squid used 2 socket wrenchs with the socket heads pointed outwards and a wedge in between to give it enough tension to thread together. I havent taken the valve off a tote, so i dont know what it looks like there.
If you just need to get the bulkhead down to the inside to even begin to thread nut on, a broomstick or string/ wire works too.

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Nut should go on the outside of the tank. Much easier to tighten this way.


You don’t need a socket. Stiff wire to slide it down and into the hole, nut goes on outside, reverse threads


It works.

I use a old brake line

Does anyone know how big my hole needs to be for a 2" bulkhead? I bought a 2" hole saw and felt really foolish when I realized that 2" is the ID of the hole.

You should be able to just measure the OD of the threads on the fitting and that should be your size. The gasket and flange portion will obviously be larger but that’s what creates the seal.

Just use a step bit and wallow it out

Take the nut and a sharpie, and mark your hole. Use a rotary cutting bit to cut out the hole an 1/8” larger than your mark. It’ll be close enough. Those gaskets are enormous.

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Ahem…it’s pronounced waller, sir. Speaking hillbilly is my forte.

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You can’t speak hillbilly if you use “forte” in the same sentence.

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