How to Install a drain on buffer tank

Any ideas on how to install a drain on my buffer tank? What fittings to use?
I have a 3/4" ID bulkhead fitting but the threads on PVC fittings
are not the same-don’t fit. Originally I would have put a 90 DEG PVC elbow onto the
bulkhead fitting and connect to
PVC valve and then run a length of PVC SCH 40 out of the back of the
truck/trailer. Just going to order the right fitting because don’t want to go to home depot
again if I can help it.

3/4" hose barb with a short piece of rigid hose? Or, I’ve got a 1x1x1 tee just before my supply hose leaves the floor of my trailer to enter the pump intake. Off that tee, I have a 3’ piece of 1" hose with a PVC ball valve at the end. I use that for rinsing stuff,adding water to buckets, tank drain, etc.

What kind of buffer tank?

Horizontal leg tank 65 gallon

Is the bulkhead not npt threads? Change the bulkhead fitting. Home Depot sucks for bulkhead fittings. Amazon has them.

I have a drain that I run to the side of my trailer so I can turn a ball valve to wash my hands, fill buckets, wash brushes, etc. I don’t know what I would do without it. It’s super convenient. If you want a parts list for it let me know. Post a few pics of your tank so we know where you’ll want to mount the bulkhead.

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The bulkhead is professional I got it local and is the same as pressuretek version but yeah I’ve returned a lot of chinese parts from amazon and home desperate as I call it

I included a pic of the supply side but the other side that’s blank is where I want to go ahead and put the drain It’s in the trailer now but it will go back in the truck when I finish setting up the 12v & this mod and for sure would like the parts list thanks in advance

Same, my tank is external and I unthread the garden hose fitting and turn the elbow/ball valve down to rinse off with. Highly recommended.

Could you please post a picture? I want to do the same to fill buckets quickly. The way yours is set up, can it be used while pw is running?

A simpler way is to use a two way splitter for a garden hose and put it on your inlet where your water feeds in to the tank. I have a 6’ garden hose on mine for filling up pump sprayers, buckets, washing hands, rinsing brushes, etc. I suggest getting the metal ones from Tractor Supply because their orifice is much bigger than most ones you see. Most can barely fit a pencil in there and I can shove my whole pinky in the TS ones and I have large hands.

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I added a 6 foot flexzilla hose from my inlet hose that goes from reel to buffer. Great improvement for quick access to water, fill a bucket or wash hands etc.

I’m very happy with my present setup of equipment. Very satisfying.

This forum and the people contributing are the best.

Now excuse me while i’m going on the lake with my 3 year old son, the fish aren’t going to catch themselves.

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Sorry, I’m on vacation and not checking the forum much. I can’t say that I’ve used the supply hose while the machine is spraying, but use it sometimes while its bypassing