How to hook my 8 GPM rig

Does anyone have any advice, equipment list, or know somewhere I can get some information on how to set up tanks and equipment? My new rig will be here today or tomorrow and I just want to set up everything the right way. I was using a small rig before which I just hooked up on site. Also I was also wondering if the water flow from a residential job would be enough to support 8gpm if I needed it.

May I ask who you purchased the unit from?

We dual feed our 8’s or larger. Not everybody sees the need for that and that’s why I asked who you purchased it from. If they say you don’t need dual feed, then don’t worry about it. You are gravity feeding this pump so the supply lines have to be huge. In my opinion, the supply should be at least 1 1/2". Get yourself an oversized, bigger than you’ll ever need filter to put between the tank and the pump.

You will need a buffer tank. You will plumb your machine into your tank and then refill the tank from the clients water source. If you start out with 85 or so gallons in your tank with full flow from the spigot, you should be fine in most cases. I would encourage you to invest in some mean green supply hose. It costs a dollar more than the other stuff but it flows freely and doesn’t seem to kink or collapse like other hose does.

What are your trailer/truck size/weight ratings? Mostly well or full flow municipal water?

Ditto to what Tim said.

We don’t dual feed but I don’t see anything wrong with dual feed as you will want plenty of flow going to the pump.

Thanks for the reply sir.

I usually love dealing with Paul and Bill at powerwashstore but Jason at KEC supplies was able to find me some cheaper hose reels and hoses so I bought from them but from what I understand they all get the pressure washers from the same place…

I got a ford econoline van with a 14,000 lb weight limit I believe and I don’t run into much of any well water.

If you don’t see much well water then a medium sized tank should be adequate. Say 200 gallon or so.

Ok sounds great. Do you know where I can get a supply list. I have a pretty good idea I just don’t want to leave anything out…

I fed mine off of an 100 gallon tank that had a float valve that only fed it to 80 gallons. Very rarely ever had an issue. Ours is 8gpm

Sounds good. Thank you sir

No, sorry.

I bought everything from Bob at Pressure Tek and didn’t know much about hooking it all up. He took the time to hand draw all the directions I needed to hook every little piece up. Bob may or may not have the best prices but his customer service is priceless. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to call him for questions building my rig and he answered or called me right back every time and still does whenever I need his advice.

+1 That’s the best advice you can get. I think that his prices are the best too. You can knit pick this or that but being able to get it all from the same place at a great price with experienced, priceless advice is a good experience that will not be matched anywhere else.