How to get external gas tank to work

So was trying to get this gas tank to work on this high pressure pump so we dont have to fill it every hour. The issue is that it seems to work it just gets starved of fuel i think after so long or its getting over fed which i doubt. So is there anyway to get this to work and syphon the gas properly?

You are flooding the carb probably, in addition to creating a fire hazard. If you are going to do it, do it correctly and get an adapter that fills the tank. Something like this

venting correctly?

Fill it every hour until you find a reasonable solution but everything in that photo is a no-go. I bought a generator that wasn’t producing electricity for $220 & sold the engine for $350. My rig is built on the frame with the 4.5 gallon gravity fed fuel tank. I’m happy with it. You could also upgrade your engine to something with a mechanical fuel pump & it will pull from that tank without gravity helping. Start with a fire extinguisher & build from there.

He doesn’t have a primer bulb so he won’t have to worry about venting until then. That’s when he’ll need to change gas caps

This is what i found so far that is cheap and simple and should work IPI BERGS 1 Extended Run Fuel System (Tank included) Part # HND1.7000IS - GenXDirect

Should be i do open the vent on the tank when its closed it wont work

Go down to the reply i left to the link of what i found