How to get a dirt stains out of brick

The town I live in went through a massive flood a couple of years ago and a lot of people are still recovering. A friend of mine’s house got flooded and he asked me if i’d wanna try to spray the dirt off of his brick, hoping that it wouldn’t be stained. Well no such luck… i attached a before and after pic of just using hot water at 7GPM 4,000 PSI. It doesn’t look much better at all :(. Is there a product out there that’ll help take out the stain?


Hey Tim,

Haha i just stopped in at out local Hebron Brick & Block Supply and they recommended the same product.


try one restore

Yepper, OneRestore works wonderfully.

How would you apply it and remove it

Christopher, I started by pressure washing the dirt off of the brick, basically getting the brick as clean as possibly, then I applied OneRestore with a chemical sprayer, let it dwell for approximately 10-15 minutes, then pressure washed it off. The result was like night and day. My customer LOVED it!