How to get 50 New jobs in 10 days time

I was here a few weeks back as a home owner asking for advice . I gotta say I was treated pretty much like trash .
Anyway I had no intention of doing professional roof cleaning . I’m not going into all of what I bought to do my own property . Let’s just say it was way more then I intended .
So I decided I’d get a sign made (JUST 1 ) Get my grandson and see if we could get a business started .
SO I went into an area of gated community homes . Found the home on one street with the worst roof . Of which there were so many it was hard to decide . rang the door bell and offered them a free roof wash if I could stick my big sign out front for a week .
Since I only had one sign made . It’s big , 3 x 6 Feet . Put it in the front yard so people driving by would take notice. I also picked the main road into this area so I would get the attention of the majority of traffic.
I have 50 jobs of which I have done 22 of so far . LOL We are making money hand over fist . I’m getting calls everyday . Plus it’s all coming from a 6 block area full of professionals :wink:

And I owe it all to you guys . Because I couldn’t get basic answers simply because I wasn’t a "professional cleaner " Just some dumb home-owner ? I spent all this money because I wasn’t sure exactly what I needed .

So I thought I’d share how to make money at this . It’s not by purchasing 20 small signs and spreading them out where nobody sees your work . But buying 1 big ■■■ sign and doing a Free Roof with all the extra SH I had . That would have been wasted by the time I need it again.
I will admit I have an artist friend . So buying a big sheet of galvanized steel and having a professional artist air brush me a 2 sided sign in 2 days . Is kinda sort of an advantage . But I doubt 1 big sign would cost more then all these little signs you put out on corners , nobody pays attention to. In fact there’s a couple I’ve see on the way to this ## Gated community.
A big sign everyone going by not only sees . But can read the contact info without stopping .

Yeah I have things to learn . But hey . I plan to let my grandson have it eventually . For now he’s happy with the 3K he’s already made .

Thanks :wink:


I think this sums it up. Or $3000 and 22 jobs. Good luck to your grandson though. With an employee on the books the insurance and worker’s comp is going to take a bite out of that.


I’d love to know your method and what the roofs look like.

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“How to get 50 jobs in 10 days”

Undercut the living mess out of your competition and clean roofs without insurance. I’m happy you feel like you’ve gotten back at us for giving you the correct advice though.

Dying to see some before and afters

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Dying to see some before and afters

I think you’ll be hard pressed just to get a picture of the billboard that he was allowed to erect in a gated community.

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No it won’t . It’s his business and mine .Co owners I’m just a part timer :wink: Not to worried about that yet But thanks for the advice / Easy ways around things when it’s family . Plus legal

Hard pressed ? It’s not a Billboard . And I already got permission . When I say gated community I don’t mean a condo setup with security . It’s just a residential area that has a gate outside . It’s always opened and not fenced in. Besides there’s a lot of things you can get around if you know the laws and how things work . Besides it’s washing a house free that makes it take off . Not the sign . And so far the sign wasn’t even needed after the first 2 days .

No it isn’t, but it doesn’t really matter what you say as long as you aren’t rude again or use vulgarity again. If nothing else, your posts add humor here.

I moved this here until @Infinity or one of the mods can do something to curb his vulgarity. No need for a grown man to call other grown men profanities.

What vulgarity ?? Are you serious? I’ve seen vulgarity on other threads . Nothing I said was vulgar . The post you blocked has nothing vulgar in . Don’t worry yourself . I’m to busy to frequent this place . People are to self righteous for my taste . I was just sharing how to market . And now you accuse me of being vulgar ??? GAL

That took care of itself since he left. Maybe he doesn’t understand what vulgarity is, but it isn’t welcomed on the forum and is a rules violation.

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Im glad im not the only one. Its like a dang frat house in here, i even got threatened the other day saying “my competitor can call and have me shut down”. This guy wasnt even my same state! Anyway, good for you! I have a dirty house on a busy road i was considering doing the same for and this just made up my mind. God bless

This feels like it could be a good story once all the details are presented if the sour feelings/comments could be hung up at the door and it was more about the facts of how this all played out. The facts could show a story of triumph, covering all startup costs and expenses, and both partners taking away $3000 net profit each. Of course, they might also present a cautionary tale of the economics of a $99 roof wash guy and how long it might take to make money with that business model. What I see so far is a teaser start and I would really like to know the details, but it looks like the feelings on both sides will muddy the waters.

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I was curious myself how you can wash 22 roofs for 3K and make money. That’s like $136/roof. Maybe they get free SH

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That’s exactly what I was wondering. It seems he is showing/teaching his grandson how to work very hard to go out of “business”.

I’d like to see sign and some of the roofs.


Why not?

Really? Can you show me where I threatened you?

Funny thing is I just saw your lie here and went back to your website to see if you took my advice and whaddya know? No mention of killing mold or mildew anywhere on the site. Weird, I know.


Another washer helped…mark down another win for the forum! :ballot_box_with_check: