How to fix this problem that was caused by a surface cleaner


Appears like theres still alot if dirt and grime, and needs a pretreat. Also, makw sure the nozzles are correctly orientated, and perhaps go slower.

I am afraid that it itched the concrete

Had you tried to clean it with the bleach solution? It looks dirty still, and perhaps it can mask any etching. The tiger stripes indicates fast pass if SC, and not sure how a fast pass can etch so quickly unless slab is just subpar.

That ship has sailed. Replace the driveway and move on. Next time stop as soon as you see it happening.


What tips are you running. Tbat driveway is etched. Call a concrete finisher

Unfortunately that concrete is done. I have seen people claim to fix that with acid and moving the surface cleaner a certain way. Search Craig’s Harrison fixing concrete. Worth a shot. Can’t really get any worse.


If its etched, maybe etch the whole thing uniformly instead.

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Was this newer concrete. If so it needs to cure a while before you surface clean.

Looks like new concrete that was etched. No fixing it.

I didn’t use any bleach or chemicals. Only straight water.

We installed new wheels on the surface cleaner and for that reason it was high from ground and that what caused that

the cream on that driveway was not fully cured. Too much pressure used.

Yes it is newly installed driveway

Nope the wheels did not cause the problem. The contractor using the surface cleaner did. That driveway is destroyed. By someone that put zero degree nozzles on a surface cleaner. The right thing to do is call your insurance company.


Do you think concrete refenisher can fox this problem?

Sorry bud. Concrete guy be your best bet. New driveway pours need 6-8 months usually depending on the concrete specs.

I cleaned a few patios and sidewalks for a guy that did concrete resurfacing, they would take old broken, cracked concrete and put a new layer on top of it. A lot of times it would be in a stamped pattern or marbled etc. that might be an option so the old concrete doesn’t have to be pulled up. Either way it is going to cost some money to repair or replace.

I won’t do concrete that is less than 18 months old.


Life is a learning process

Hopefully time will cure the wounds … and over winter it will go away