How to fix pressure washing hose

Do you have a bad pressure washing hose? Short video how to fix it
How to fix pressure wash hose

Please do not use these. I bought some of these years ago. One failed after 2 days and an employee ended up with broke ribs and a softball size ball of water injected under his skin. Nightmare workers comp issue. Fix hose correctly or throw away. Last year i just quit taling hose to the hydraulic shop for repairs. When it gets a hole the entire 250 foot section gets tossed. Don’t trust your life or employees life on one of those field repairs.


i went to the parts store they had a splicer hyd that put the ends in them… did cost me $40 bucks but it is strong connection…Gates has a splicer kit i got also…

We been using for years and never had a problem. You want to make sure you are using the right size for the size of hose.
This year we have had alot of new hose getting leaks.

Also remember we are dealing with high pressure. Always test hose new and old. This spring we had a brand new hose and end came off hose.

True on new hose leaking. Two new sections this year leaked. At least spend the extra $15 and get hose repaired at hose or parts shop. As I get older safety becomes more important

I agree with this ^^^^

At least, if you insist on repairing a hose…put the repaired end toward the reel.

The difference in fixing these hoses and hydraulic hoses is that, typically, hydraulic hoses are not hand held, like PW hoses…thus, failure is less risky to the user.

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this the one that i got fixed…
fittings were 45 and to splice together was 45…
no leaks…
this was for my 13hp washer

actually I did buy a new hose… kept this as a back up to have…

In my experience once a hose burts from wear and tear, It’s done!!! If you spend the money to repair it, it usually doesn’t last long after that before it goes out again.

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I didn’t even know you could repair hoses before this forum. Luckily I’ve only ever had 1 go bad. I thought about turning it into whip lines once I found out you could, but it’s cheaper to buy whip lines.

I’m curious though… what’s the difference really in how the factory presses on the threaded end and how a pneumatic shop presses them on?


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Is it something that I can do safely in my own shop? What’s it take?

When you take it to a shop they put it in a press to crimp it.
Here’s the issue with it. You have to crimp it to a certain measurements for a correct crimp. And most people making hoses are a $10 hr employee they don know that.
If you watch the video I shoe how to put a hose end on

I watched the video linked above for an on the fly fix. Is there a different video for crimping on hose ends?

How have to take it to a hose shop or napa for crimp fitting

I’ll do some research. I’m sure there’s a press I can bolt to the bench or something I can get to do it safely and effectively.

I did this one just to have a spare when i cut one.
So I can keep on keeping on…
I will always buy a new one

Press is about 2 grand plus the die. Take it to a shop

Well. That’s that. I’m not spending $2k on anything I use a couple times a year max.

I agree with Innocentbystander, I sold hydraulic hose for 20 years, fixing is rarely a good option, the only time I would consider it is if there was some issue that ruined a new hose assembly and then only to a hose dealer that has compatible hose ends. Hose has 3 components, liner, reinforcement and cover, in an old hose assembly any one of the 3 can be bad and you wouldn’t know, too much potential risk.