How to disconnect hose from quick connect if it’s stuck?

It won’t disengage when pulling down in direction of green arrows in the picture below.

Maybe I’m just a wuss and should be able to do this with my bare hands, but this seems to be really stuck. I’ve even tried grabbing with a wrench and pulling it but still won’t budge.

Just curious if there’s some trick that would help or if I just need to man up and figure it out haha.

Once I get it off, I’m going to switch to a stainless steel QC. Hoping that will help as I can’t be dealing with this when I need to change things out quickly.

Stop wasting time with it. replace both ends with something other than brass and go back to work


Had a similar issue a couple weeks ago; I hit it with a wrench a couple times and it “unlocked” it and I replaced it and went back to work.

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Worst case, unscrew the plug and replace everything…


WD-40 and smack it with something. Honestly though, the time you spent taking a picture, drawing arrows and posting this on here, you should have just unscrewed both fittings and thrown them in the trash. You spend more time messing around that could have been spend being productive.