How to clean this concrete stucco stuff


Can’t find anything on this kind of siding/surface. That’s the side of my own house. We bought it two years ago and never really looked at the stains until I bought the rig . It’s concrete (I think) but looks like stucco. I tried cleaning the stains with a strong house wash mix and it didn’t do a thing, would be nice to get the stains off!


Have you done a search for cleaning stucco? How strong of a mix did you use?


Get a latter and a pump sprayer, go 50/50


Yeah I did, it was four gallons of 12.5 SH and some snotmenade. Downstreamed. This is very thick stucco though I haven’t seen this on houses. We live in a condo townhouse built in the 1960s


Okay I’ll give that a go! Dwell time for something like this with a pump sprayer?


I would do 5-7min. If you see it started to “melt away”. Go ahead and rinse


Thanks buddy


DS isnt strong enough of a mix for stucco


If you plan on cleaning stucco on the future get yourself an x jet. Or a 12 v pump but the x jet is easier to set up and cheaper


Thanks I’ll get an xjet. Smart to have anyways.