How to clean oil stain fast!

Hey guys, my pressure washer pump is dripping oil, and 2 days ago I did a job that took about 6 hours and it dripped so much! I know I messed up, but does anyone have any idea how to clean this? Gold Assassin I know, but they are selling the house and pics are tmrw, so I need something fast! I got some degreaser from ace but I’ve never tried it.


That’s asphalt top coat, correct?

Not sure. I know it’s asphalt. Lol

Seal Green Concrete Oil Powder Remover. We have used this product on multiple diesel asphalt stains, the worst of the worst and it leaves it stain free. Simple brush on and agitate into the stain areas, let sit for 1-2 weeks, rinse and done.

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That stuff socal mentioned may be your best bet. Can’t use degreaser on asphalt since it’s petroleum based. Can’t really use any pressure on asphalt either so a product and process like socal mentioned would be ideal.


Get dragon juice, contact Andy and he will tell you how to clean this without damaging the asphalt.