How to clean fabric awning

Got a call to clean a fabric awning, this thing is nasty. Mold,mildew and dirt covered. This is not my thing but hate to turn down work.
What is best solution to take care of this?
I’ve got a canopy over my patio with some mold so I tried couple products I had around, simple green mixed half with water,no result and purple power same mix same result. (I put on with brush and let sit)

Would a mild bleach/eliminator mix down streamed be a bad idea. The canopy is white/yellow fabric.

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Great question!
I clean on average 3 Sunbrella fabric awnings a week, they are bleach safe and my mix is 1cup SH/1 Gallon water/ half cap of woolite laundry soap (white bottle not the black one) and apply with a pump sprayer. Once applied I usually let it sit for 10-15 mins and then give it a light scrub with a soft bristle brush (car wash brush) and then rinse.
If the awning is really bad I usually double my SH and hit it again with less dwell time this time.

This could turn into a debate but I personally don’t use a PW on awnings due to being the exclusive Sunbrella awning cleaner in my city. I would lose my contract if I started doing so and I’m not about to throw away a good deal. I hear some guys have great luck with it though, I wouldn’t mind trying to DS and then getting a soft wash tip maybe 60-100 psi to rinse.

Hope this helps!

Britton Emerson
Emerson Exteriors
Victoria BC Canada