How to clean damaged concrete?

Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum and new to pressure washing. I’ve tried to search through the forum before asking but I couldn’t find anything… My question is how would you guys tackle this concrete walkway that’s already falling apart?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I would recommend to the client to get it removed and replaced. It’s so far gone


Hot mix and light rinse? But yeah skip that one.


Lots of before photos, maybe draft something up stating that you intend to not harm the sidewalk anymore then it already is but that some further deterioration may occur that you will not be responsible for, and have customer sign it. Pretreat, surface cleaner, wand where necessary, post treat, after photos, collect check. Certainly exercise caution/care on visibly damaged areas, but bleach and real light pressure shouldn’t destroy it.

BUT…there are easier ways to make money. If you can’t say no to this job then go for it. But don’t be afraid to walk away.


if they do want it cleaned, I always suggest to my customers to just sweep up the broken of pieces beforehand so my suf ckeaner doesnt have to kick it around. and another plus to that is it looks so much better than when they try to keep the pieces in the same spot they broke away from.

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Thanks for all the help guys, unfortunately it’s a relative’s property so I can’t say no, but she is being reasonable about her expectations.

Brocks suggestion would be the best bet. It’s really funky how it’s all broken up.

I’m curious, did they resurface it at some point? Do they know why it’s happened?

@jwils She bought the property within the last year. I believe it was like that when she bought it.

The rest of the concrete walkway looks fine, this is the only patch that’s falling apart. I’ll probably just clean up the broken pieces and hit it with really light pressure followed with a post treat.

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i would pump spray strong sh and use lighter pressure SC tips