How to Bid Strip Malls, What Would You Charge?

Been powerwashing mostly residentials for the past two years but was recently asked to bid a huge commercial power washing job it’s a strip mall and they basically want the siding, the concrete, the front facade, the awning, pretty much everything powerwashed, the property manager wanted a quote for the whole front and a separate one for the back section. Wasn’t really sure how to bid this one so I’ve turned to all you commercial pros out there with some experience bidding these huge jobs. Some noteworthy information the complex has multiple hose connections so bringing a tank with a pump isn’t necessary so there is no water cost, it’s about 2 stories high, the pavement is riddled with gum, strip mall is in Virginia, that’s basically all I can think of will attach pictures as well. Let me know what you guys would bid this job for and ill comment back with what I was thinking. Thanks!

Also calculated out the square footage using an aerial google maps calculator, for the front and side section it’s like 13,000 square feet but that doesn’t include the store face and ceiling so in reality it’s close to around 45,000 square feet

Here is a link to the photos Photos Link

Hey I’m in Va also break each one down. The concrete and what you call awnings will bring you 15-20 cent pet square then just bid the buildings based on time. Make sure you have the insurance to cover that type of work you can PM if you need help with qoute I promise I’m not interested in bidding on it


For me residentials are easy just taking a look at the property and you automatically know, clients are looking at anywhere from $240+ for your small rancher to upwards of $650+ for huge homes, the sweet spot for me has always been $250 to $600 range but for a property of that size I would think were talking thousands but I’m not sure what a good ballpark would be

You are in it like said if you want help PM

You will still need a tank. … buffer tank.