How should I quote this commercial gutter cleaning

This job has 2 valleys of large gutters and one gutter on the side of the building, so a total of 3 gutters about 6 inches wide by 6 inches deep. Full of wet old sawdust and about 40 feet long each. They offered to put a bin at the end of each gutter to dump the dust. I’m not too sure even where to start when quoting this.

I’d start with a full survey including looking inside the building to see what’s supporting the roof. I’ve seen barns where there’s a joist only every 4 feet with the thin metal roofing panels on top not safe to get on at all (even with plywood) Maybe you can get away with a very powerful vacuum and long extension tubes to suck it out going all the way out 20 feet from each side. If that’s not option an articulating lift that will you get you up and over might work with the vacuum. My bucket truck can get me up 20 feet and over 30. Otherwise if renting a lift is not practical maybe someone else has ideas. I would consider walking away from it though.

Put up a ladder, go up there and blow it out with a blower, clean up the debris on the ground, change whatever you would for 1.5 hours of work.

That’s a commercial building. Probably has 26 gauge Metal . You could play football on it .
My barn has trusses 12 feet apart with 26 gauge and it’s really stiff .
As far as the gutters go a big back pack blower would knock that job out quick. I’ve got a big redmax for stuff just like that . It’s an absolute beast . Not safe for a lot of roofs but perfect for that . We clean a lot flat metal carports and you can almost stand in one spot and clean the whole thing


If its walkable id charge $100 each valley i.e. $300. With a decent gutter vac you would have that completed in under an hour. Thats $300 for an hours work.

Over here in Australia they make some awesome powerful gutter vacs that can also be used for other services such as re-stumping, pit cleaning, de-sludging (water tanks) just to mention a few. If your main services is gutter cleaning… invest in a contractor grade gutter vac. You will be able to work faster, smarter and more efficiently whilst making more money.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Cheers… Jet!

GUTTER MUNCHER - Vacuum Gutter Cleaning & More

As mentioned before, gutter vacs don’t work here. They are useless for roofs, pine needles, gutters with covers, etc. We can clean 3-4 houses in the time it takes a gutter vac to clean 1… and we do it better. I am sure it’s great in Australia, but it doesn’t work here. Different needs.

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Hey Jet have u got a video of your gutter muncher in action ??

Just do a Google search for Gutter Master 2050 Videos. They are an awesome machine. James from Australian Cleansing Solutions in Noble Park Vic manufactures these gutter vacs. He’s currently working on producing two more powerful units a 3050 and a 3060 The Beasts. Will definately be looking at these units once they are ready for purchase.

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