How often do you flier a neighborhood?

Whether you do door hangers, fliers, EDDM, or whatever, how long do you guys wait before you hit that same neighborhood again?

Our last EDDM batch went out September 18. Sold another job from it today. Next batch goes out October 16.

Have you got anything from that batch of cards you had? Did you get to mail any or are you just handing them out as you walk?

That big [COLOR=“#FF0000”]home dirty[/COLOR] card has done really well for us. The biggest job was $1,200.00. They took everything that was on the front cover.

How are things going otherwise?

It’s going okay. I have been handing them out. I am at least getting some calls here and there. I have a very low close rate though. I have tried lowering my prices but it hasn’t helped. I get people that sound like they really want to do it, but I can’t get them to commit. And then I can’t get them to call me back when I follow up… I had a couple jobs last week, so that’s good. I hate to complain though. I know it’ll be alright. Not sure what the deal is though. It was never quite like this in Florida.

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Anyway… back to the original topic. How often?

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I shoot for once a month. Once every three weeks would seem to be the sweet spot but that can get expensive quickly.

every three weeks or 4 weeks works, but the most important part is the flier you put out when your in the neighborhood.

you can also announce yourself before you get their

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I hate to disclose this but pad your numbers a little bit and then offer a discount. Works out great for us.

We added a “show us your HOA naughty letter and receive 10% off” banner on last months batch of EDDM cards that went to a very large neighborhood we knew had a strict home owners association. Three of the five deals we closed, customers showed us their letter. One was for a roof, two for the driveway. This was our first mailing in the area - out of four - for every three weeks.

And Tim is right, every three weeks gets pricy real quick for direct mail, but I like it better than just once a month.