How much would you charge for this?

First time doing pavers, how much would you charge for this? Xjet 12.5% , surface clean, turbo tip, rinse & post treat should tackle this right? Thinking $

250 for this…

I’n my area people might scoff at $250 for that, others might think your the cheapest guy in town. Prices are different for every area and no one can tell you what you should be charging. I typically want to close around 50-60% of my estimates. If I’m closing less I’ll lower and if I’m closing more I’ll raise my rates. really just something you have to learn from trial and error. If you’re new and are in desperate need of work as I know I once was, bid 25-50 less than what u think if you really need to close the job.

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How many square feet is it?


As soon as the photo loaded I got $339.00 in my head. I usually stick with my gut. It’s on the high end but, I persuade my customers with quality of service not price when accepting my quotes

With sealer I’d be up in the $700 range somewhere probably

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Are you going to resand it?

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That thing is chock full of weeds. If it were my personal drive I would hit it with glysophate, then in two weeks come back and clean it. I wouldn’t use a name brand herbicide, glysophate works very well and can be mixed and sprayed as needed for your vegetation. I do my brick pavers in my field next to my fire pit about once a year. Doesn’t look like it is doing anything, then they yellow and turn brown.

Just one hackers .02 and you should seek other people’s opinions.


We’d be at treefiddy including the retaining walls.


And if I may add…

As mentioned that sand will go everywhere. Also, where do you plan to rinse all that slurry? Might plug up that little drain at the bottom.

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Need EPA license to spray herbicide as a contractor.

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Not sure

True it’s why I quoted him 295. He said he’s gonna try the weed killer instead…

That’s overkill.
Half of that would still be considered super high.

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I think the xjet can only put out like 3% max with a 4 gpm machine. There’s a chart that shows the ratios somewhere on here. I always just ask @Max to post it. :grinning:

@marinegrunt, wrong Max! Lol. I think you want this one… @Max1

I’ll help him out this time. :wink:


So a 4 gpm can get around like a 4%-5% mix? That might be the answer to cleaning the water tower. Although, I’m really hoping to down stream but it’s so dirty.

Yeah, should be right around 5%.
Down side is lack of rinsing power.

Beat me to it :joy:

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That is why I added personal drive. I would tell them what they could use, how to roughly use it, then when they are done to give me a hollar in 2 weeks, or that they should hire a pesticide guy/gal.

I do appreciate that you pointed that tidbit out for those who don’t know and would apply, then maybe get fined.

Can someone be kind to show me how to use this chart. i have a 5gpm machine. thank you

Look at the column for 5gpm. Change porportioner tips to change how much you want the chemical to be diluted.

For instance, 3-1 means that there will be 3 parts water to each part chemical, four parts total. So your chemical would be diluted to 25% (one fourth) of it’s original strength.

If you used the grey proportioner and 12%SH, then you would get 3% SH on the surface you’re cleaning