How much to charge

Does anyone clean dumpsters and what do you charge to do the outside and do you charge alot for the pad is really dirty

You can charge any price. Will you turn a profit is another story. Be diligent about your expenses, know EXACTLY what it cost you down to the last penny. Insurance, depreciation of equipment, legal fees, building operating costs, fuel, chemical, ETC. You add your expenses plus what you wish to profit, then you have a billing amount.

A better question would be how long does it take to clean a dumpster pad. This takes experience in cleaning dumpster pads to bid a time correctly. I don’t clean dumpster pads, I don’t have the answer. I would guess it depends on; how much area is covered, what type of grease it is, how thick is the grease.

I would imagine you would scrape as much grease as your could, then power wash for quite some time.

Would someone who cleans dumpster pads enlighten us on the amount of time it takes and how you calculate this time out?

This isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but how long will it take? What do you need to make? Have you sold yourself and your service to the customer to possibly pay a higher price to use you vs the other guy? It takes a little time to figure exactly what YOU need to make for your biz.