How much should i charge for a 8 car driveway?

What you want in your pocket after expenses is the number you give to the customer. They’ll get back to you with a yes or no.

Now since you guys know sqft. What would you guys charge?

Charge what you need to charge. What someone else would charge is irrelevant.


Well, I’m no expert but you’re using hot water trying to get some oil up and some nonsense with a garage you’d want to charge a heck of a lot more than normal.

Hopefully you aren’t required to reclaim the water being Kalifornia…

Every area is different with price. In Michigan I’m at $.34/sqft on driveways and then oil and rust would be extra probably


I charge 0.10-0.15 per square foot depending on specifics, but I’m in Ohio. California is going to be a higher rate, but I don’t know exactly what that rate would be. Going by the difference in fuel prices, I’d say 0.30-0.40/sqft, but that’s just my guess. Lol

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I am guessing you know ur costs, over head, and have factor your time.
Anything above it profit.
Howuch u want to profit is.up to you.
Unless you let the client tells u howuch they want you

Thank you guys so much

Hey guys here again. Still trying to figure all this out, i got a lead from a buddy of mine who owns an asphalt compnay. The lead owns multiple motels. The sqft is 16,000. He only wants it pressure washed because my buddy is going to apply asphalt. I just want to know from your guys professional experince, how much would you quote it for and sqft. Any helps please. I dont want to over bid it as well and lose a potenial client and future opportunitys since he owns multiple ones. I came up with .30 cents per sqft but that comes out to 4,800 which he is already paying a hefty price on the asphalt already. So i give him a 20% off first customer discount which is 960 off? Or am i still charging alot. I can look at this for future jobs secruity but i still dont wanna cheap my self. Or even if i did .20per sqft but yet again i live in los angeles CA. Any helps

So are you washing concrete or asphalt?

Actually concrete…sorry.