How much SH do I need?

Hey guys! So I just bought a 2.5 GPM 3600 PSI washer and also a surface cleaner. I’d like to just do concrete cleaning for driveways and was curious what I should use? I bought 4 gallons of 12.5% SH to start off and am conflicted between getting a downstream injector or a pump sprayer. What would you guys recommend to get, what mixture would you guys recommend, and also how many gallons of SH would it take for a 1000 sq ft driveway for example? Thanks!

Try reading something and see what you come up with.

Couldn’t find anything definitive, mind showing me where to find it?

Search bar helps a lot.

The bar up above that says “What can we help you find?”. That’s a good start.

I’m a little over 2 years in, that 2.5gpm will make you pull your hair out. Take it back if it’s not too late and get a 4jpm at a minimum.

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2.5 GPM is not enough to specialize in concrete cleaning. You will leave lines in the driveways and in general it will be a poor result for your customers.

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I’ll probably upgrade in the future, for now I’m just doing this to make some income for my brother so I’m not too worried about not having the best equipment.

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What I’m saying is, 2.5 isn’t even considered entry level. We’re not being snobs, just speaking from experience. My very first job was a nasty deck with a 2.5 and I quickly upgraded to a 4 before attempting concrete.


I’ll try and upgrade to a 4 GPM, thanks for letting me know. I thought it would be good for entry level

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Lots of us started with 4 GPM machines and upgraded as quickly as we could. If you’re try to make money verses doing homeowner clean up, anything less than a 4/4 is silly. You can rent a 4/4 and a surface cleaner from HD for under a hundred dollars a day. Do a few jobs, save the money and buy the entry ly contractor machine. You’ll thank us later. Good luck.

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Don’t spend money on an injector or pump sprayer. They will show you down and waste money. Just get a paint roller and an old 5 gallon paint bucket. Dip the roller in a bucket of 1 part bleach, 4 parts water and a squirt of food coloring so you can see where you have applied. Roll the driveway, then wash. Works great on houses also.


@Innocentbystander Lmao!

Yup, and future readers will see this and attempt to roll their driveways.:+1:


2.5 gpm!

At 3% that should do it for a vinyl house! But ya gotta make sure to use a 1.5” nap roller cover. Otherwise the sh will evaporate

I’ll order one then. I’m just helping my brother set this up so I just bought him a 2.5 GPM machine that i found online somewhere, I’ll buy another 4 GPM machine though thanks for the help

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Why would you do that to your own family?

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You can build a stationary 4 gpm for $500. Throw in 200 feet of hose and you’ve got a darn decent setup for $800. I made $60,000 with that setup before upgrading tot he 8 gpm, which I should’ve done earlier.

Do what?