How much does SH cover?

Is there an estimated formula for how many square feet of roof a gallon of SH covers mixed at 50/50.
So 1 gal SH plus 1 gal H20= 2 gallon roof mix which covers how many SQ FT?

Also how much do you charge per SQ FT of roof?
.15? .25? .35?
Just curious. I’m charging .15 but its for my boss so I’m trying to cut him a break some.

Also how much of a discount would you give to do 48,000SQ ft of roof. 8 buildings. Same property. Very slight pitch. Easy to walk on almost flat.

I’d let your boss worry about how to price and figure bleach expenses

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For your boss… thats a new one

I am thinking his boss in a different field. He does pw on the side?


Yes I do it on the side.
I have a kush driving job.
5a to noon Mon n Tues.
Wed 5p to Thurs 5p. I do a 24hr run.
Very easy all driving time in a Brand new mini van.
So only days I can’t wash are wed & thurs.

Anyways I’m using him as my first commercial client. Can take good pics of my work there and use him as a reference.
He’s really good to me so I want to take care of him. I’m actually gonna quote him then cut it in half.
Want to make sure I cover my chemicals and just make a couple bucks. Work will be very easy.
Again this guy knows everybody in my town!
The work I get from his endorsement is where Ill make my money.

So does anybody want to answer any of the questions I asked or is this message board just to bash Newbies and give smart ass replies?

Yes I’m on the new side. No I don’t have 1000 posts because I’m a reader and a researcher not a nag. But I notice most questions get smart ass answers unless it’s the veterans then its kiss up time.
Anyways serious answers would be greatly appreciated.

Ty for your time.



I dont do that.
And i dont spoon feed either.
If your boss has all that property, he might want to hire an insured professional,

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I can tell you I feel your frustration, but that language and attitude are going to make this forum useless to you. Because as often as people help on here, is as often as people get torn apart… hahaha… I wish I could help but I’m not into roofing yet but will be soon. I also wash on the side of my main job. Good for you buddy… Keep working hard and you can quit that job in a year or two. I haven’t had a day off since mid April lol.


Insurance will be covered.
Jesus do I gotta give my whole life story to get an answer to a question?

Here it is. I’m buying all new equipment. Taking out a loan. Starting a legit business with insurance blah blah blah. Need No help with that part.
I’m getting
4gpm belt drive pw with Cat pump
Roof system from pressuretek
Guns hoses reels xjet surface cleaner sprayers ladders etc.
I need NO info on that stuff. I know what I’m buying. I’ve been researching for 3 months.

Also this summer I’ve done about 10 houses with my 2.5gpm pw. Couple driveways and sidewalks. A deck a large vinyl fence and a few other things just to get the feeling of the process and decide if I want to do this on the side.
I’ve decided yes I do and here we are.
And I’m not new to Pressure washing as I grew up on a farm and I was a Union Laborer for 10years. Ive done plenty of washing.

Now again I’m close to my BOSS.
He is letting me do the work to recoup some of my investment.
My wife’s Boss is doing the same.(Large personal care home)

I can make back a big part of my investment on these 2 jobs alone!

My question was so I can estimate the amount of SH I need per SQ foot of roof.

And just a round about on what people are charging per SQ ft of roof. I know its different everywhere. In not looking for anything set in stone. Just ballpark ideas and I make my own decisions from there.

I would say a 50 gallon mix should be plenty for a typical house . But there is no telling. Some people say 30 gallon some.40 . I’m just starting and I got myself a 50 gallon to be safe

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No biggie. One thing they can’t take from you is knowledge. Ill get it however I can lol nice and easy or kicking and fighting it don’t matter.
Most of these forums are Troll Farms but a few good guys are willing to help. Those are the only ones I pay attention to. Trolls will be Trolls. I ignore them or overlook them. Sometimes Ill feed them if Im bored but not usually.

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I understand the typical house I’d just mix a batch and go.
With 8 buildings averaging 5000sqft each I need a more precise measurement.

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Honestly? It’s gonna take as much as it takes. You’ll likely go through more mix than someone with more experience, so if someone says how much they would use on 40k sqft of roofs, it’ll probably be less than what you’ll end up using.

Hope you’ve found a good supplier for bulk SH. If the average 2000sqft roof takes 25 gallons of SH (50 gallons of 50/50 mix), then 40k sqft could take 20x that… 500 gallons of SH! But I would start off by buying one or two drums and see how far it gets you. This is going to be a time consuming job, so you’ll have time to buy more bleach in between roofs.

Personally, this job is way more than I would want to bite off, and I’ve been washing for a few years. Hope you’ve got help lined up and everything.


I do have supplier for SH.
It is a big job but a very easy job.
Park at each building both ends.
No plants to worry about.
Roofs are almost flat. Very slight pitch.
I’d think it’ll be the easiest job ill ever do.
Big yes. But easy.
And I do have a helper for the ground but even he will only have to keep the mix going. Light water spraying and that’s it. This is almost like standing on tje ground and spraying flats except your up 20 ft.
I plan on doing a roof a day. Don’t have to rush. I work there and its 5 mins from home. Can work evenings when not a soul is around. I can’t wait lol


You’ve pretty much got it lol. This place is no different. However there are some awesome people here who have been so helpful and whom I owe a serious amount of gratitude… Aaaaaaand on the same token, there are some here who are for lack of a better phrase, cocky pretentious wastes of life. Lol. Enjoy your stay friend, glad to have ya here ! Best advice I can give is tread lightly at first. Haha.

I typically use 50 gallons of mix for a 1500-2500 sq ft roof (20 gallons SH). Your easily going to be at a 600 + gallons. I would knock out your roof and a few family or friends to get the basic concept of it.

Good luck!

What type roof : Tile , metal , asphalt shingles ? What gpm roof pump ? where are you Located ?
In SW Florida 2500 sq.ft tile roof takes me 40-60 gal mix . Price 200-350$.

90% shingle roof
10% metal roof
Central Pennsylvania
12v 60psi 7gpm-pressuretek roof system

Your pricing is based on your cost . How much is SH in your area and are you planning on hiring a grounds man so you don’t kill all your bosses plants . Also is the metal roof painted or galvanized or galvalume all that matters. Hot days take more chem then cool days because the chem gets evaporated quicker. The 8 buildings are they residential? If so and you haven’t cleaned many roof you may need more than one grounds person to manage the flow of foot traffic in your work zone. 48000 sqft could be between $2000 to $5000 all depends on many different things.

A lot depends on how dirty roof is. Got any pics? Unless really dirty you don’t need a 50/50 mix. If a shallow pitch roof and not real dirty you should be able to clean around 75 -100 sq/ft per gal of mix. On small jobs like a home where you live probably .22/ft. if shallow pitch. On the larger job .15/17 per ft.


Yea yea be a Troll who cares.
Racer and the guy before gave a good answer and I thank them for it.
The trolls can die for all I care!

Racer has so much good information. I’ve read a ton of his post and watched his videos.
Thank you racer for so much helpful info

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