How much do you guys charge for commercial metal roofs?

I’ve seen people charging anywhere from $50 to $1800 an hour. I want to make sure my prices are within average range for a specific quote I’m giving later today. These two buildings are what I’m washing so please use them as a reference point to refer your pricing to. Thanks everyone!

As much as u can


What method are you planning on using?

Need footage and height. Also if walking or using a lift

Softwash with xjet 10% don’t let it dry. Walking it, no lift. Can’t find any measurements online but ballpark estimates work.

$11 but they have to buy Pepsi and 4 corner nabs or no deal


You can measure it out with G maps but before you do me thinks you should find some smaller roofs that you won’t slip on so easily and that are not goverment owned

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I don’t see the tie off points in the pics. Are you responsible for installing them?

Get you some cougar paws. I know they aren’t made for metal roofs but work very well even when it’s wet. I do the metal roofs for a chain of 17 steak houses in NC. I’m not going to go into details of my pricing but I make sure it’s well worth my time and risk. You have to be very careful with metal roofs and make sure your insurance covers anything that could possibly go wrong. An idiot contractor that works around here just had to replace the roof on a house because he sprayed some kind of detergent on it that destroyed the paint.

Keeping an eye on this thread :slight_smile:

(I’ve tried to clean a few metal roofs with downstreaming and it didn’t work)

I got a call a couple weeks ago for a metal roof cleaning, new construction. They wanted the roof cleaned with spot free water aka DI water to prevent water spots after drying… I turned it down, It was a big roof and I would have spent too much to filter the water, not to mention it was very dirty andnthe contractor has dinged it in a few placed and some scratches during construction. Walked away

Thank you to everyone that’s helped out with good information! I’ve still got no numbers to go by for pricing though. If anyone is comfortable with telling me privately feel free to Message me.

I can’t price from a picture and I don’t necessarily charge by square footage. If you’re in doubt charge them by the day and make at least a thousand a day and get some experience. You at least won’t lose a bunch of money that way.

Maybe things are different in the PW world, but one thing I’ve learned after a couple decades of window cleaning is a metal roof turns into a slip-n-slide once any sort of moisture hits it. Doesn’t matter the pitch, I slid on one the same angle as my house’s walkway. Even dry the dust and pollen prevents your shoes from grabbing the metal.

Please use a cherry picker or securely tie off if you even consider walking that.


On difficult pricing jobs, we go to the site and if its not possible to get the square footage then we try to figure how many hours it will take. We add a few for hours to what I figured it to be. if it take 10 hours I add 3 more for things unaccounted for. We aim for around $200 per hours

Send me the address ill do that roof for $99