How long does 12% SH last?

I bought a 30 gallon drum of 12% SH last fall. Is it still any good?? Will it still clean effectively?

@ShellcrackerMan I’m newer here so not sure of an answer. However seeing your question reminded me of a post I’d read. There’s several posts that will come up when searching. I don’t necessarily have an answer to how to know if its still good without mixing and testing it on something.


No, even if kept out of sunlight and in a cool place it will likely not be at all effective at cleaning anything. The SH is now mostly, if not all, water and salt.

How would you get rid of that amount? I mean being environmentally friendly and just not dumping it.

I don’t know how much potency it has lost, but I bought a 50gal about 2 years ago and it still cleans my concrete like the day I bought it. Barrel remains sealed and in a stable equipment room out of sun light.

When @CaCO3Girl posts (she’s a chemist) and someone else replies contrary to her post :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I just have to ask, are you downstreaming it or 12v? Even older bleach will have 2-3% going on.

Applying full strength directly.

Ah ok, even at 1-2% it’ll be strong enough to kill most everything.