How large is your service area?

Most of my work is within 20 miles.
For some recurring work or large projects we travel up to 90 miles.

What about you?

100 Miles, but must be four figures or monthly recurring work.

We go about an hour out in all directions with out a travel fee. NJ is insanely densely populated. That distance gets us about 285 towns and zip codes.

Most of our jobs are within 40 miles.

Most of our residential work is done in a very small area.

We do larger jobs and commercial work in a 90 mile radius.

How did you make that circle on the map Thad?

I really hate to be honest here but I can’t remember.

I’ll try to figure it out.

Isn’t that in google maps/place claim, where you tell what your service area is?

Furthest away so far has been about 45 minutes away. Not too bad if the money is good. I advertise in 2 counties.

I did it either there or Merchant Circle and screen shot it.

75 miles is common place,100-150 several times a year,150+ a couple times a year. I’ll go state wide and out of state for the right amount of cabbage.

We stay within the 45 minute area 95% of the time. I have been known to travel to Charlotte, Atlanta, Columbia, and Augusta on rare occasions, but only for the right amount of money.

Thinking about opening a dedicated roof cleaning company. We will advertise in the full radius at that point.

now that’s what I’m talking about! I told you on LSA (Voxer) to do that a couple weeks ago! :smiley:

Ha! Don Phelps told me that at NOLA 2011.

Great minds think alike…

I thought about doing that with my power washing business this off-season, spinning it off that is.

Just because it seems there is just as big of a market, if not bigger, as window cleaning. I really can
not believe the calls I’m getting now for power washing services.

What does everyone think? Should I spin off my power washing business and create a new entity?

We are talking house washing, concrete, roofs, agriculture, industrial, networking with big painting companies.

i’ve gone an hour and a half. as long as i profit, i’ll go. i dont look at each job as income. they are a new customer with the potential of referrals. you never know who that person knows