How is everybody's season going

Here is Charlotte NC the Pressure Washing business has been most excellent, looking forward to the slowing down this time of year. How about everyone else

Best year ever. Looking forward to winter break and am already planning my winter trip.

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Glad to here that Tim, let me know if you stop in Charlotte lunch is on me !!

I’m hoping for a Charlotte Saturday breakfast or dinner then heading over to Raleigh to see a few folks. I’ll keep you posted when we know which direction we’re going.

It’s been a good year. We beat our goals each and every month so far. Built a really good team with a full time saleperson and 4 or 5 techs depending on the month. Also moved the gear into a heated shop which means I’m actually not dreading the colder weather for once.

Tim I’m in Fuquay Varina, 12 miles from Raleigh. Call me if you are around this side

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I’m new to the industry. It has started off strong and hoping it stay’s that way for a few more weeks. Lexington, Sc

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I’m a part timer, I work in a Steel Mill the last 34 years… I bought this rig 2 years ago. If i do and usually get
$2,000 $2,500 up a month, That is enough to keep me busy and work…
Being older I turn 2 stories house washing down
I have a ad in the paper with what I do and my facebook page…

I slowed down the last 2 weeks I need to read on cleaning vent hoods that’s a thing that is needed around here