How I made $310,000 dollars in just 9 days of working


Its great that you make so much money,

But how about you offer a class to all the newbies here about how you’ve made all those $$$&. If I was in your shoes, and was set for life I would hope that I would be willing to pass on my tips and techniques to those who want to learn. You could even see what we have posted in the past to see if we are “Drama free”.

This was my 1st year doing this semi-pro. I’m a commercial airline pilot and do this because 1. I enjoy it, 2. I have lost my medical for flying in the past and want something to fall back on. I have done ok this year. Probably gross 6-7K working part time but hoping to do a lot more next year. Probably going to join the PWRA as well. Regardless, I do hope Mr. Gamble that you are here to legitimately help others, and not to take advantage.


The buy in its self was 2500 I lost 3 seats short of the final table so I made back around 1200 of that and made another 3k in cash games so I came out ahead from that one.


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Some of you have asked Why not share what I learned over 28 years of Cleaning Parking Garages…?

Well…Everyone respects Nigel here…Right?

Here is a video of Nigel. Nigel asked me if I would help him by teaching him how I clean a Parking Structures in the speed that I boast on the net. Nigel wanted me to teach him how I achieved over 78 GPM discharge with FULL reclaim and filtration while exceeding all compliances for the State of California.

Well, I decided to do just that… I offered to Nigel exactly that and more…

We paid ALL of Nigel expenses including, flight, food, lodging etc. We also made sure that his pocket was full of cash when he headed home.

We taught Nigel first hand about Water Management procedures, Hose Requirements, boiler tune-ups for max heat. We also had Nigel experience EPA and AHJ inspectors and what they are looking for, plus so much more including the process requirements for various permits that are mandatory for most garage cleanings in the USA. (This was done in 2013)

In 2015, we offered another contractor to come out and we taught him how we bid on these jobs. He was so grateful after he landed a 100k contract, he wanted to send me some type of gratitude. I refused the money and told him to spend it on his family for a night on the town.

Now this year ( 2017), We had Josh Minx come out, but this time, we paid all of his expenses plus $10,000 in his pocket.

So to answer your questions, I do teach and it does pay off…NOT all the time as nothing is a for sure bet, but more so than not.


This is grossly unbelievable. Even if it’s true, I can’t imagine anyone ever believing this stuff. I wouldn’t ever believe it until you paid all my expenses, gave me $10,000, and showed me all your teachings. If it happened though, that’d be cool.

But 78 gallons a minute? Is that legit? And if it was, is it even practical? And if so, what on earth are you supplying it with? That’d drain 1000 gallons in 12 minutes. How could you keep a water supply?



Photo taken by Southern Clean, Josh Minx ( Owner )

He and 2 of his guys help us work on a job-site while learning about discharge and how to work with the AHJ in Oregon.

This check was to help us out as well and him. Thus the reason why it was so large.


Why would you pay someone that much money for you to train them?

I’m in LA. I’ll come spend time with you for $10K lol. I’d even bring a gallon of my wife’s homemade almond milk. :slight_smile:


When you are cleaning Parking structures, speed is very important.

What one needs to know,… that parking structures are a different animal. You simply need to have the right equipment in order to achieve the speed. One of those pieces of equipment is the filtration system.

Filters will glogg and thus slow down. As they do, it will create a bottleneck for your cleaning. You will have to slow down your total number of washers GPM output, otherwise, you will have a lake of wastewater in a very short time. Some contractors who have made videos show them just opening up a drain and dump their wastewater into it when no one is looking. The Fact is, You need the right size of filtration if you expect to finish in the allowed time frame.

If you are running several washers, you cannot clean with just a 9 GPM filter…you will be there forever with just 1 washer. Since time is money, I have seen some charging as little as 3-8 cents with a cost ratio of 2-9 cents a foot.

Always look at the net or " Bottom Line". I do not care how much gross you tell folks you made in the weekend. I care whats in your pocket after the job is completed.

Doing these large garages correctly cost money. Sometimes as much as 20,000. So when I see guys posting that they worked a garage of 300,000 sq ft for 16,000, well…That’s simply not us.


Heading out there next week. Maybe we can hook up?


I don’t clean parking structures. I don’t even have a trailer. I’m just starting, and much slower than other people, but I enjoy it. But I would love to meet you and talk and maybe learn a bit about pressure washing in general, and look at your equipment if it was with you.

I won’t even charge you $10,000 for my company or time either lol.

Scamming or bogus or unbelievable or true, it’d still be cool to talk to someone with a developed business in person instead of just on the forum.


You know guys, if you get out of our world of 4, 5 and 8gpm pumps and 3/8 hoses you will find that there are plenty of 20, 30 amd much larger high pressure pumps . Damming stuff up to flow to a large pump going to a customer filtration system is not rocket science… Or just pump it into a tablet and haul it away to treat later… When your doing big jobs you just play with bigger toys…


At least in my experience, these larger pumps are typically 480VAC 3 Phase. Not something you can run on a battery or generator. Of course I obviously haven’t seen it all. I just imagine a 120V 1 Phase motor/pump that was putting out 30 or 50 or 78 gpm would consume a lot of amps.


Here is our filter that I designed and built myself.

I have been filtering wastewater since 1992.

I believe and I am told by various Government agencies that I was filtering wastewater before anyone on the west coast and first to be permitted to discharge in the sewer for garage cleaning in the USA.

I designed my filters and equipment for Parking Garage Cleaning since there was no filter or washer on the market to meet my specs.

Here is a video of our filtration system.


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I thought so too, but i went to the Facebook page and it is legit. I think the reason it sounds made up is because he talks like an infomercial host, plus this type of generosity is very unusual.

The $10,000 check was posted by the guy as a thank you to Jim. It wasn’t for training, Jim called him to bring a crew and do the work, and paid his expenses to get there. Also there was a video by Patrick Clark, where he was getting choked up thanking Jim for helping him out when he was going through rough times.

Here’s the Nigel video… it was blocked for me because of the country. This should allow you to view it if it was blocked.

The fact that it’s hard to hear him talk because of the Def Leppard playing in the background through the whole video, doesnt surprise me a bit. :grin: And the last little bit with Nigel is hilarious.

From reading old threads, i think Jim has been in the middle of a bunch of drama in the past. I didnt read the details, so I cant comment on his actions with all of that.

Based on this stuff, though, Im really impressed with what he is doing. The guys I’ve seen vouching for his kindness and generosity, are very well respected in the industry.




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