How I made $310,000 dollars in just 9 days of working

2017 was a great year for us as we doubled our workload and raised our profit margins to new heights.

But since I am Semi-Retired, I have decided to give, instead to turning away the contracts I do not want.

In 2017, I gave away over $300,000 dollars to my fellow contractors which most do not post on the net. The most recent, a Garage was in New York at .29 cent a foot and last month was 3 garages in San Francisco to my fellow sub-contractor. I asked nothing in return.

These are garages I would normally turn down because I do not want or cannot do because of distance. But I was talking it over with my wife and we decided to give a few of these high paying jobs to a select few contractors who posted less drama and want to help each other reach a better place for their company and family.

As most of you know, the Jerry Springer Drama shown on these boards does not help anyone be successful. It only brings you down to a lower level. Most of the authors of these posts of drama, do not make as much as they come across to make and feel important by their actions.

Now I have asked those whom I have given these contracts to post here, but they want nothing to do with it. I am finding in my dealings with these successful contractors do achieve allot of wealth and did so by staying away from the drama. These contractors refuse to post on the net because of 2 main issues.

  1. Because of all of the drama that they or their company does not want to be associated with and

  2. That they just do not want to educate their competitors about what they are making especially when others on these forms are teaching how to make 3-10 cents a foot.
    What they should be teaching is just how to make 24 cents a foot on jobs of 300,000 sq ft or larger they told me and I agree.

We are closing the doors after we finish a few more jobs with record profits for the year.

In June, looking at taking our monthly vacation with the family to travel outside the USA.

Ok, so now the drama should start on this from those who are making 3 cents a foot and feel this is an attack on their ability to teach others how to be successful.

Just a 411…

In the near future, I will teach a general class on how I made $310,000 dollars in just 9 days of working. Something that all of my fellow contractors can make if they only had the right tools.

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Here is one contractor Greg who did it with carpet cleaning…235k !

I don’t get your point. You don’t ask a question or provide anything worthwhile in anything you post. All you do is boast and try to start trouble. If your making all this money shouldn’t you have better things to do?


That’s the kind of stuff that can change a persons life.

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Why did you post this if not to start that drama you say you and other wealthy contractors want to avoid? What was the point of this thread?


The point is this…

There are some who attack and make funny statements at the price of others

There are some who have acted like they are fallen on their sword and give half-truths in their drama statements without knowing the true facts.

Then there are the disbelievers who say you cannot make .24 cents a foot or that guy is full of BS. " I know this is fake," One says, " Because I have been working for X amount of years and I cannot get that pricing. I am an expert in my many fields of work".

Then there are those who say…" Only in California can you make that kind of money" or its because of the equipment one has or some other excuse as to why you cannot make really good money. Good money meaning like $5,000 to $45,000 dollars in a day sort of thing.

These excuses say one thing to me . . . That this or that contractor cannot sell in a method to achieve these type of high price sales.

None of these " Experts" will put high-profit money in your pockets. All they will do is keep you down by selling on price which by my years of experience is not a true selling technique.

There are many contractors who have sold their services and company, not on price, but on other avenues to achieve top dollar. It is not a numbers game as many so-called " Experts" lead you to believe.

However, going to a Property Management Firm is a numbers game and requires little to no selling. Just an “average to good” work with “average to little” pay.

This is my point.

For example.

Josh Minx worked for me on a job. Made 10,000 dollars in (2) 7 hour days.

Here is what he posted on another Facebook page.

Josh Minx wrote

"Look what I made for 2 days of work and all expenses paid.

Jim Gamble the check cleared the bank.

When Jim called me a few weeks ago he said can you come to Oregon and bring a crew. I’ll pay all expenses and provide the equipment. I said what the hell.

While I was there I got to talk to the guy from the city of Eugene. I guess they had another company come out a few months ago and the city Absolutely was not happy. Well, he’s happy now.

We did the whole building in 2 nights. Using 4 lifts very easy clean for us.

We do this Type of cleaning all the time."

That’s not a point…thats a pitch…and not a very good one.
Seems kinda shady to post a picture of a customer check online.


I like and trust Josh Minx. He’s here in KC. I’ll have to ask him about it someday myself.

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Personally, the only thing that I have gathered from any of your posts, is that you are just here to gloat. If you can make that kind of money, great! It’s nobody else’s business.
I am from the South. We were raised with manners. There are three things you never talk about in public, politics, religion, and money.

If you are trying to sell something, make that clear, but take it somewhere else. I don’t see anybody here buying.


I’m happy as a clam to do $180k in 8 months with almost zero travel, but I am glad Josh is the guy making $10k in 2 days… especially considering the other companies in KC.

There was a hotel with a restaurant that needed cleaning and my bid was too high and the manager asked to recommend another company on his list. He was disappointed he couldn’t use us because we’re a veteran owned company. I told him Southern Clean is the only other company I could recommend in good conscience.

I’m looking forward to asking him about it and glad you two connected if these are legit deals, completely on the up & up… because at the end of the day you do present yourself as slimy, informercial style salesman.


You near luke and reanna?

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I don’t do a ton of window cleaning though but I sub what little I do out to a different company.

Maybe you should ask him today? I would if I had doubts like you expressed.

If you do not believe that JOSH MINX took that photo of his check, then I would be on the phone asap. I mean, why wait?

If you were on the Professional Washing Network Facebook page, you would see all of his posts and how others are making big bucks.

One contractor just signed an 18 million dollar contract cleaning tunnels.

Another contractor did a garage for 40 cents a square ft. And all he had to do was use a fire hose to rinse.

Another in Texas just made 30k in a day for a rinse job. He felt so bad, he worked (2) 5 hour days to stretch the day into (2) days

The list goes on and on.

The point here is, if you hang around those who are making the high dollar accounts, maybe, just maybe that information will rub off onto you.

By the way, I am Happy for you when you stated on this forum of making 180k in 8 months. I don’t take that as bragging but as an accomplishment. Good for you !!! Now with that being said… the next question some should ask is " What is your cost to profit ratio?"

I knew of one contractor who worked for the city landed a 2.1 million dollar contract that was awarded to him because of his neighbor sitting as the Chairman of the board as she helped him win it.

He netted only 100,000 of the 2.1 million dollar income. He was so strapped for cash, that he could not even afford an extra man for rotation in case someone got sick, quit or went on vacation. You saw him working at night covering various shifts.

So for me, it’s about the bottom line, not how much someone may gross.

So again what’s your point. The reason your not well received on the forums ( besides personal issues you have with various contractors) is because you always come across as bragging/ gloating.

could you put a little useful info in there. Or is this just a sales pitch that never really gets to the point. Maybe if you shared your vast wealth of knowledge ( that you supposedly possess) others would be glad to read your post.

Personally I read this hoping to gain something but now it looks like you’re just hoping to encite the exact type of drama your involved in most of your posts and that you were supposedly trying to avoid.

Anyways… I’m definitely interested in learning from anyone who has knowledge and experience but you come off as… I dunno… Something I’m not too find of. No reason to get specific.

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I am pretty sure that Southern Clean is Veteran Owned and his wife is co-owner as well.

I post allot on Professional Washing Network.

I only pop in over here because of what someone posted about me.

If you want to learn about how to land these higher paying jobs from various contractors, all you have to do is look at the posts over at the Professional Washing Network Facebook site.

Oh, and we do not allow any fake names to hide your true identity. We do our best to weed out those who want to use fake names to cause trouble.

That way, if you say something, all members will know who you are and the company you work for.

We find that there is less drama that way.

Do you need friends?
Are you on a life long journey to have friends but can’t quite figure out the secret formula?
It is quite apparent that you lack social skills
This is a troll post, you came here to start friction and we just got rid of the last troll.
You would do well for yourself to take some of your business savvy and try and connect with your fellow man.

After all of your questions, I have a few for you:

Do the people you know cringe at the sight of you? Do they only hang out with you because of networking?
Why did you post this? What is your reasoning? Are you outright helping anyone with your posts?
Who will gain from this post? Or are you just trying to sway us all away to your FB page?