How Greasy Can it Get?

This is about 15 years of char. Wishbone style, on 6" access panel, left stack completely clogged.

That’s a lot of grease. I bet that took a long time to clean out!

Everyone feel free to throw up some pics.

Woo thats greasy!

Please don’t say “throw up”.

Im not really familiar with grease work at all… With a pic like that how high is the risk of fire?

I’m pretty sure that’s 100% fuel.
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Just takes enough heat to ignite the fuel. A spark that doesn’t fizzle will ignite the grease and it could burn for hours when as heavy as this pic. The system in my pic was a super high risk, they are fortunate it never caught fire. I’ve seen much less grease cause a lot of damage when ignited.

Dangerous indeed, you should ask for a professional to clean it and I’m sure it will not be an easy task but eventually it will be clean. Just patience and trust to the professional.


Trust to the professional if you like, but Josh is on holiday with his lovely family.