How does this truck magnet design look to you?

I feel like it’s wonky but I am the absolute worst at being able to tell if stuff like this is good or not. I am putting it on my red f150 to help drum up business.

I was reading through @squidskc s marketing posts and really liked that 1pt outline on text which they didn’t do so I will ask them to do that, but aside from that what are your thoughts?

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you guys this but don’t pull any punches :joy: I have 48 hours or so for revisions so let me have both barrels.

I am hoping that the dotted line around the roof cleaning concrete and driveway cleaning is a water mark. I am checking right now.

My thoughts are at the very least my logo needs to be smaller to make more room for the text.

I always recommend vinyl lettering over magnets, if you can at all help it. Cost is not much more, it won’t ruin your paint job, and looks a lot more professional to me, as well.

I paid $350 the last time I got my truck lettered, and it should last me 5+ years, easy (if I don’t change my mind on the design, again).

Magnets will last ~2 years, at most. Unless you’re a weekend warrior and take them off and store them out of the sunlight between uses).

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I love that you have so few people up there you don’t even bother with area codes :smiley:

Literally ALL of Alaska uses 907 so I figured that saved space could go towards larger text elsewhere :joy::joy::joy:


I totally understand where you are coming from and eventually I would go over to vinyl lettering. Currently I want to be able to get the word out while working/saving towards nicer designs and such so this is a stopgap measure as our summer season is so short up here and then after September no one cares about the houses as they are covered in snow.

I am still debating on long term benefits of a truck bed system vs van or enclosed trailer. What will work for me, as well as just plain old availability…what can I actually get or find up here so would like to have something on the truck in the meanwhile. I could actually shop locally and price compare but the place that does vinyl mattering hasnt returned my calls as of yet so I guess a more apt title for this thread would be “how does this truck sign look?”

I feel like I’m an aspiring pro stuck in a 99$ Guys body but I’m trying real hard to get my ducks in a row and not be a dirtbag guys :joy:

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Here we go! :rofl:

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Looks great, they will learn your company name when they call. My trailer just has my House washing yard sign on the back and I see people take pictures every time I am out with it.

I like it, simple and to the point. I would think you could even remove the free estimates bit. I am removing it from my print ads. I never had to put an area code in until this year, so never say never with the not needing an area code bit. Just put it out there in case you ever make a billboad sign. Those things start to get pricey after 8’.

Magnets are not worth,no matter how good the design is.
If you’re in the business,if you’re full in you need atleast lettering on your truck,if you can’t wrap the truck then just do lettering.
Is more visible and looks more professional than simple magnets

I’d agree with that sentiment 99999 times out of 100000, but where he’s at in the middle of “can’t get good equipment” land…I doubt there’s a decent truck wrap guy within 3 days drive, lol

Prob you’re right.

That’s cute. Only 3 ways to get to Juneau. Boat, plane, and birth canal. :joy:

We have maybe 40 miles of road here. About 300 Mike’s of trails though!

I used a magnet on truck for 3 years when I got started. Got plenty of business from it. But did have bigger sign on ramp of trailer. Do the magnet, it’ll be fine.