How does a hotbox work

Can i put a hotbox on any cold power washer pump or does the pump have to be rated for heat? Looking to buy a used heated system but put the hotbox on my system because mine has more gpm. All the used heated systems are Only like 2 gpm

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You roll the windows up and just go to town. That’s about it, really.


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Lol thanks but can someone explain to me how the burners work as far as putting them on your own pump?

I’ll try but @DisplacedTexan wouldn’t unlock the truck door and I couldn’t figure out how to so I might not make any sense.

The hotbox hooks up after your pump so you’re not running hot water through it. You will need a generator or have access to a 110 volt outlet on a house or building. Make sure the hotbox you get can handle the gpm of your machine or you won’t have very hot water.


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Mission accomplished Chad. :joy:

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Thanks thats exactly what i needed to know.