How do you clean this?

The “dormer side that no one will ever see”…these are pretty common for me. Even more common is the “2nd story side of the house you can’t see unless you stand in the cul de sac”. So what’s your tactic? Walk the 10/12 roof? Not wash it? I can usually get to it with an extension ladder and stabilizer set to the gable on front of the house/garage. They’re a pain though.

I had a 2 story like that, but, used a 21ft little giant ladder and hit it.

Depends on the house honestly. With some of the sides there, if the dormer is smaller I can get parts of it like underneath the gutter clean from the ground, I’ll check from farther back like in the cul-de-sac if it looks good then its fine but it can be seen from somewhere other than someone walking the roof then im finding a way to get it clean

8 foot A- frame ladder usually gets me where I can hit it.

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I’m shure my regular j rod setup would hit that. I don’t see what the problem is. Am I missing something?

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24’ extension pole with flexi lance on the end and jrod or m5 twist

You cant see the right side of the top dormer from the ground. You either need a ladder to see it from the garage dormer or need to walk the roof

I discuss it with the homeowner, they always say not to worry about it.


They’re referring to the flat vertical face on the right side dormer that can’t be hit from the ground.

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Same here, mention it to them and they are always fine with not cleaning it. If it’s not possible to see from anywhere but the roof, why bother? Just don’t skip areas without disclosing it. I find most are happy you even mention it because they would have never even thought about those areas.

If you can’t see it it doesn’t exist. Give it as much of a spray as possible and go get paid. Next!

Discuss it with homeowner, they likely haven’t even thought about it. But pointing it out shows that you care about the homeowner’s house and your quality of work. I’ve had to have similar discussions with a few homeowners about some chimneys that I can only safely reach three sides on.- the fourth side that faces the center of the roof isn’t visible unless you are on top of the roof itself.

Okay, i understand now. I would mention it to the customer, but I don’t think it will be a problem.