How do you clean pavers with a surface cleaner?

How do clean pavers with a surface. Cleaner?

I don’t.

Do you just pressure wash with a gun?

I don’t clean pavers. At least not the one set in sand or that are uneven.

I haven’t done any papers but I think you can clean as usual…but I would think now matter how it was done you would have to resand the joints after they dried

I use my Surface Cleaner. I turn the throttle down on my pump to reduce the pressure. Depending on how solid the joints are, I discuss new sand up front.

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Pumps don’t have throttles. Air cooled engines are designed to be run wide open. Change your nozzles if you want to lower pressure. I have found it is easiest to turn down any work that causes headaches.


If they’re flat, you can surface clean, but I never clean them without up-selling the re-sand and seal. All depends on how even they are and if the customer is prepared to sand.

We use a wand when we clean pavers in a small area.