How do you apply your sealer/ stain?

I know the high volume deck guys use a deckster or other high volume methods.
If you were just going to stain one deck (like I am- mine) 16x24 covered porch with white rails how would you apply?

]Soft deck brush
[*]Pump up sprayer and massive masking

I’m going to use AC Cedartone that I already have.

You can roll the AC stains.

I spray it on & then brush it in on the deck surface. Handrails & spindels just spray.

It depends. Is the AC Cedartone a solid color stain?

Paint out about 18 inches from the home then spray and backbrush. On a windy day (every afternoon in FL), deck pad or roller and backbrush.

Typically we brush the majority of our decks for better penetration and good selling point for customers. Larger projects including lattice, fences, or a lot of rails we spray. I’ve found that on smaller decks we spend the same amount of time spraying versus brushing due to the amount of time needed for masking, backbrushing and setup/cleanup.

Same process here. We spray larger projects like log and cedar, lattice work or fencing. Decks for the most part are all hand brushed. Definitely goes a long way with the customer.

I use a lambs wool pad for smaller decks,spray rails. on larger decks spray and have a second guy back brushing

You know I’m a big fan of “spray-n-Pay”, but if you aren’t doing the rails I would say hand brush. AC is a heavier bodied stain than Baker’s or RS and lays out nice with a brush.

Just out of curiosity,

What type of rates are you guys charging (square ft) for the staining? Obviously the materials must be factored in, but what about the labor and time rate?

I usually sub out the staining, but the demand has gotten bigger lately.


the pump up sprayers for smaller deck staining jobs do not make that much over spray…They sell the spray blockers that keep any spray off the house, so you hold that in your left hand and spray with your right… Then we go over with a flat deck staining brush

Spray and brush over

We always sprayed ours back on the day. We attached 4’x15’ canvas drop cloths to the top of the hand rails with tiny nails or a staple gun, let them hang down, sprayed one side, flipped them over and sprayed the other and then sprayed/brushed the floors. They were cheap, reusable, caught all the overspray and made the jobs fast.

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Sorry, Thad! I should’ve read your original question. If the rails are white and you’re just doing the floor and it’s a one time deal, I’d brush it all out. One wide deck brush and one 3" flat brush for the detail work.

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Thanks for the input!
I let the AC freeze so when it warms up I’ll be buying more stain.

Which one do you like?

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18" window cleaning bucket and 18" deck brush from southern stain n seal. Cheap one works just fine. 3" cut brush. 2 coats, 1hour. If you have some foam from an old seat thats nice too…for your knees.

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